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25 Awesome Tracing Letter A Worksheets

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Is your child learning to write their letters? Great! You’ve hit the jackpot of all freebies! Come download an assortment of free printable tracing letter a worksheets designed to grow with your child! Plus, you’ll learn all about different ways to teach the letter A in this fun article!

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How to Print

Simple click on any of the images to follow your computer prompts to print any of these free PDF’s! Be sure to check out our list of The Best Letter A Books for Preschoolers!

Bubble Letter A: Uppercase A and lowercase a

The following are our bubble letters. Bubble letters are simply a “bubbly-shaped” letter for your child to color, cut, place stickers on, glue on cotton balls, or line up toys on! This bubble letter A is a fun way to introduce the letter A. The first is an uppercase letter A or capital letter A in a Bubble format. The second is a lowercase letter a in a bubble format. The third is a combination of uppercase and lowercase letter Aa in bubble formats. These are just the first three of our 25 awesome worksheets!

Tracing Letter A Worksheets Large Letters & Medium Letters

*Please Note: These PDF Documents are for personal use only.*

Next we have the same format of bubble letters, but we’ve added the dotted lines with arrows and numbers to show which direction to trace the letter Aa. These are perfect for your little ones to start off with!

The first is an uppercase letter a showing the downward slanted movement from the number one down to the arrow, lift up and start again on the number 2 and go downward at a slant again to the bottom arrow, then lift up to the number 3 and draw and sideways line across to complete the uppercase letter A.

The second picture is of a lowercase letter a in which you would teach the child to start at the number one, go around and up to the number two and then straight down. (I have also included a tracing letter a video at the bottom of the page to help your child learn the process of writing if you need additional help!). The third picture is a combination of the first two: An uppercase letter A and a lowercase letter a.

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The next set is of the uppercase traceable bubble letter a in varying sizes from large to medium and then from medium to small. This is great for small children as they are advancing through letter recognition and starting to work more on hand writing and proper letter formation.

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A is for ANT Tracing Letter A Worksheets

The letter A is for ant! Practice tracing letter Aa along with the word ant! As an added bonus you can color the ant in the picture! These would be a great handwriting practice for a lesson about ants and would go great with books about ants!

A is for Apple Worksheets

The letter A is also for Apple! Learn all about apples with these books about apples and then practice tracing the letter A – Uppercase and lowercase – and learn how to trace the word apple! These are great for the beginning of the school year or in the fall when it is prime apple season. We love reading books about each season as the seasons change.

My kids also love to create and decorate for seasonal parties! Spring parties include bubbles, bike riding, planting flowers, and using chalk on our sidewalks! Summer parties include running through the sprinklers in our yard, watermelon and popsicles. Fall parties include creating nature crafts with leaves, acorns, and sticks. It also includes raking leaves into a pile and jumping in! And on the menu you’ll find yummy soups and chili! Winter parties include decorating the house for Christmas, having a dance party to Christmas music all while sipping on our homemade hot cocoa or apple cider.

During our fall parties my kids love to create fun decorations with acorns – which brings us to our next set of worksheets: A is for Acorn!

A is for Acorn Worksheets

The letter A is for Acorns! These fun tracing pages are ones I created specifically to teach my son about acorns during the fall. We used these books about acorns and made a fall wreath with the acorns!

Arrows and Applesauce Promo Image

Making learning fun!

Hand-drawn colorful interactive resources are our jam! If we can make learning more hands-on, we will. And we bet you’ll love it as much as we do!

Print. Play. Learn. That’s what it’s all about! 

A is for Astronaut Worksheets

The letter A is also for astronaut! Learn all about astronauts and the letter a! Check out these fun books about astronauts and color the astronaut in the pictures! Astronauts and space are so much fun to learn about! One of my first homeschooling memories with my children was creating a spaceship out of a cardboard box. We drew each of the planets on the back in order from the Sun! Our a is for astronaut worksheets feature the uppercase and lowercase letter a’s as well as the word astronaut to trace!

A is for Airplane Worksheets

The letter A is for Airplane! Let’s learn all about airplanes with these fun worksheets! Airplanes are a mysterious, counterintuitive invention. How does a metal plane weighing thousands of pounds simply fly through the air? Despite our commonplace attitude towards planes, our children find them fascinating! It’s my job as a parent to lean into their curiosity and help my children discover all the wonders of the world around them!

Find some fun books about airplanes and maybe do an airplane puzzle! There are so many fun ways to do hands-on activities with your young children to help them learn!

A is for Alligator Worksheets

The letter A is also for alligator! Alligators and crocodiles are oftentimes confusing, but you can learn all the differences by reading books about alligators! I once was able to ride a bicycle down alligator alley in the Florida Everglades right along side the alligators! Alligators are amazing creatures that have such power! Yet most of the time they are lazily laying around trying to stay out of the hot Florida sun. It was a crazy but fun experience to see them in person!

A is for Abacus Worksheets

The letter A is for abacus! What is an abacus, you may ask? An abacus is a fun way to introduce numbers to children, learn 1,2,3 or count to 100! I love this abacus from amazon because it has neutral colors that would look great in any house! If you don’t already have one, this is a great item to add to your wish list!

A is for Ambulance Worksheets

The letter A is also for ambulance! I don’t know about your kids but mine are usually obsessed with trucks of any kind! Not just my boys, but my girl too! She has this Barbie ambulance that she loves to play with daily! And my boys love to read all different kinds of trucks with books like My First 100 Trucks with lift a-flaps! Help your child learn all about emergency vehicles and then print and trace these fun pages all about a is for ambulance!

Introducing Tracing Letter A to your Child

Yay! It’s such an exciting moment in time when your child starts learning letter recognitionLetter A is the very first letter in the alphabet and is a vowel! There are 5 vowels and 21 consonants in the English alphabet that make up the 26 letters of the alphabet.

My hope is to get to join you and your little one as you are learning all about the letter A and then journey through the rest of the alphabet with you as well! If you are wanting to learn more about how to teach the alphabet, you’re in the right place! Tracing letters is such a fun way to introduce the letters of the alphabet! Letter A is for apples, astronaut, acorns, airplanes and avocados!

If you have a preschooler still learning the shapes of the letters, an easy way to practice letters is through flash cards and coloring pages. Practice the letter A sound as you fling your hands in the air like the ant in these super fun and engaging flashcards from ABC SEE HEAR DO flash cards. These are my favorite because they give an action for the child to do as they say the letter sounds engaging other parts of their brain to better remember the alphabet.

Tracing letters is a great way to introduce the letters of the alphabet! Don’t forget to read books about apples to go with learning all about the letter A about the letter a, do some hands-on activities and crafts for your little learners, and make sure you are practicing the letter sound for the letter A. /A/ says “ah’ as in apple.

Tracing Letter A Video

Lastly, it is very important to work on proper letter formation, so I included this fun video for you to watch with your child or young children. This is a great way for you to introduce the letter A and then use the free printable worksheets below as practice. Feel free to print each letter of the alphabet for the child to practice their letters!

Thanks for coming on this letter A journey with me! Coming soon there will be links to all future articles for tracing letters B-Z!

Happy Homeschooling!


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