Book Review: Apple Farmer Annie by Monica Wellington with VIDEO

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Learn all about the book Apple Farmer Annie by Monica Wellington in this post. You’ll find a summary, a brief review, some information about the author and a link to watch this book on Youtube for story time or purchase it for your home library. 

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Apple Farmer Annie Book Summary

Apple Farmer Annie is a children’s book that tells the story of a young girl named Annie who runs her own apple farm. The book is filled with colorful illustrations and simple text that make it easy for young readers to follow along.

The story follows Annie as she picks apples, makes cider, and bakes apple pies to sell at the farmer’s market. The story begins with Annie waking up early in the morning to start her day on the farm. She picks apples from her trees and loads them into her truck. She then drives to the farmer’s market, where she sets up her stall and sells her apples to customers. Throughout the day, Annie interacts with many different people, including families, children, and other farmers.

Overall, Apple Farmer Annie is a delightful book that teaches children about the hard work and dedication that goes into running a farm. It also highlights the importance of community and the joy that can come from sharing one’s harvest with others. The book also includes various recipes at the end! If you are looking for a fun way to learn about apples with your little one, then this book is for you!

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Apple Farmer Annie Review

Overall, Apple Farmer Annie is a heartwarming story that teaches children about the hard work and dedication that goes into farming. The illustrations are bright and colorful, and the text is simple and easy to read. It’s a perfect book for parents to read to their children, or for young readers to enjoy on their own. My kiddos give this book a 10/10!! They absolutely love the applesauce recipe at the end as well!

I love that this book also teaches values to children in a fun heartwarming way. The values found in Apple Farmer Annie are the following:

  • Hard work and determination: The book highlights the hard work and determination that Annie puts into growing her apples and making products from them. This theme teaches children the importance of hard work and perseverance in achieving their goals.
  • Entrepreneurship: Annie’s ability to make different products from her apples shows her entrepreneurial spirit. This theme encourages children to be creative and innovative in finding ways to make money.
  • Healthy eating: The book promotes healthy eating by showing how Annie’s apples can be used to make different healthy snacks and drinks. This theme teaches children the importance of eating healthy foods and the benefits it has on their overall health.
  • Sharing and community: Annie shares her products with her community, which fosters a sense of community and togetherness. This theme teaches children the importance of sharing and giving back to their communities.
open book in the background with words apple farmer Annie book review
Apple Farmer Annie Book Review

Author’s Background

Monica Wellington is a children’s book author and illustrator who has written and illustrated over 40 children’s books. She was born in London, England, and moved to the United States when she was seven years old. Wellington graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in art history and later studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

Wellington’s books are known for their bright colors, simple shapes, and playful illustrations. Many of her books feature themes related to food and farming, including “Apple Farmer Annie.” In addition to writing and illustrating children’s books, Wellington has also worked as an art teacher and a graphic designer.

Wellington’s books have received numerous awards and honors, including the Parents’ Choice Award, the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award, and the Bank Street College Best Children’s Book of the Year. Her books have been translated into several languages and are popular with children all over the world.

Overall, Wellington’s background in art and her passion for food and farming are evident in her books, including “Apple Farmer Annie.” Her playful illustrations and simple text make her books accessible to young readers, while also conveying important messages about the world around us.

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