open book in the background with words How Do Apples Grow Book Review

How Do Apples Grow, by Jill McDonald

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Learn all about the book How Do Apples Grow by Jill McDonald in this post. You’ll find a summary, a brief review, and a link to watch this book on Youtube for story time or purchase it for your home library.

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How Do Apples Grow By Jill McDonald Book Cover

How Do Apples Grow Book Summary

“How Do Apples Grow?” by Jill McDonald is a children’s book that explains the growth process of apples. The book is designed to teach young children about the different stages of apple growth, from the time the apple seed is planted to the time the apple is ready to be picked.

The book uses simple language and colorful illustrations to engage young readers. It explains how apple trees grow, what they need to grow, and how they produce fruit. It also covers topics such as pollination, fertilization, and the role of bees in the apple-growing process.

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How Do Apples Grow Review

Overall, “How Do Apples Grow?” is an informative and engaging book that is perfect for young children who are curious about the natural world. It teaches them about the importance of taking care of plants and the environment, and encourages them to appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature. My kiddos love this book and we give it a 10/10 Review! Check out our latest book reviews here!

open book in the background with words How Do Apples Grow Book Review

Watch on YouTube

This is a story time by KariTales on YouTube featuring the book How do Apples Grow by Jill McDonald. Watch with your little one for story time or watch on your own to preview and decide for yourself if you would like to add this book to your home library!

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