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At Homeschool Freebies and Giveaways, we believe in helping homeschooling families create a learning environment at home. Providing curriculum reviews, free printables, activities and an assortment of fun book lists!

Hi! My name is Tyla. I am mama of four! I am a second generation homeschooler who has been homeschooling my own kiddos for the last 4 years. 

I enjoy flipping through the latest curriculum and creating coloring pages and worksheets for my children. I decided to share these coloring pages and worksheets as freebies with you, and give my unbiased review of different homeschool curriculum and then give them away to one of you! Most of the reviews that I have found are sponsored posts from the curriculum company themselves! I would like to give you the pros andthe cons because there is no such thing as a perfect curriculum! 

Each child is unique in their own way. Some children learn through reading, some through watching and some through doing! These are your child’s learning styles. When looking into curriculum learning styles and parent involvement are some of the biggest questions we can ask for how well they will work in our own families. 

In my search for curriculum for my family, I realized there isn’t a lot of resources around to compare curriculum that wasn’t tainted by “sponsored” posts. I realize some people still give their honest opinions even though they’re getting paid to “review” it. But overall it was hard to find a massive list of resourcesavailable along with unbiased reviews. That is what I hope this website becomes: A resource for homeschooling parents that want unbiased reviews AND free resources. 

I love to provide free homeschool resources to help homeschooling families provide a rich education to their children with little to no cost. 

One of my favorite ways to teach my children is through read aloud! I have an entire section of my website with book reviews and book lists! If you decide you want to create your own unit studies then these books lists are super helpful!

when homeschooling gives you
challenges, just turn them into learning opportunities