Tracing Letter C Worksheets (with Video and FREE Printable)

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These FREE tracing letter C worksheets will help your little ones practice their alphabet by learning one letter at a time! You’ll find the free printable tracing letter C worksheets, free printable full alphabet tracing worksheets, and a YouTube video to show your child how to trace the letter C!

Tracing letter C Worksheets on a table with coloring utencils in the background
Tracing Letter C Worksheets

How To Print Tracing Letter C Worksheets

Choose any of the following pictures to print the corresponding Tracing Letter C PDF file. Simply follow your printer’s prompts and ENJOY! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @HomeschoolFreebiesandGiveaways with #LearnMyLetters to be entered in our monthly book giveaway! These pdf documents are for personal use only! Please contact me at hello@HSFG.org for classroom use and additional uses.

Uppercase Tracing Letter C Worksheet

Uppercase tracing Letter C Worksheet
Uppercase Tracing Letter C Worksheet

Lowercase Tracing Letter C Worksheet

Lowercase Tracing Letter C Worksheet
Lowercase Tracing Letter C Worksheet

Uppercase and Lowercase Tracing Letter C Worksheet

Uppercase and Lowercase Tracing Letter C Worksheet
Uppercase and Lowercase Tracing Letter C Worksheet

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Introducing Letter C

Yay! It’s such an exciting moment in time when your child starts learning letter recognitionLetter C is the third letter of the alphabet and is a consonant! There are 5 vowels and 21 consonants in the English alphabet that make up the 26 letters of the alphabet. The 26 letters of the alphabet are A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z! I’m so thankful that I get to join you and your little one as you are learning all about the letter C! If you are wanting to learn more about How to teach the alphabet, you’re in the right place! Tracing letters is such a fun way to introduce the letters of the alphabet! Letter C is for Cat, Car, Candy and Cloud!

If you have a preschooler still learning the shapes of the letters, an easy way to practice letters is through flash cards and coloring pages. Practice the letter C sound as you curl your hands into a claw like the cat in these super fun and engaging flashcards from ABC SEE HEAR DO flash cards. These are my favorite because they give an action for the child to do as they say the letter sounds engaging other parts of their brain to better remember the alphabet.

Tracing letters is a great way to introduce the letters of the alphabet! Don’t forget to read books about the letter c, do some hands-on activities and crafts for your little learners, and make sure you are practicing the letter sound for the letter C. /C/ says “c’ as in cat.

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Making learning fun!

Hand-drawn colorful interactive resources are our jam! If we can make learning more hands-on, we will. And we bet you’ll love it as much as we do!

Print. Play. Learn. That’s what it’s all about! 

Benefits of Letter Tracing

Tracing lays the foundation for proper letter formation, word building and even drawing. Letter tracing also helps children refine their fine motor skills and pre-writing skills. If you are looking for additional ways to build fine motor skills check out this post from The Imagination Tree: 40 Fine Motor Skills Activities. One of my favorite fine motor skills for letter C is this Melissa and Doug Wooden Alphabet Letter Lacing Cards! You can use our tracing worksheets for the uppercase letters and the lowercase letters to teach your child to trace all the letters of the alphabet!

Tracing Letter C Video

The importance of proper letter formation is so great that I included this fun video for you to watch with your child. A great way to introduce the letter C is by watching this video together, practice letter sounds (C says “ck” as in CAT) and then use the free printable worksheets below for handwriting practice.

What is the Best Way to Learn the Alphabet?

There is no RIGHT or WRONG way to teach the alphabet. Here is a list of the BEST way (in my opinion) to teach children their alphabet.

  1. Teach the name and simple sound of each letter – teach the name of each letter and its simple sound, for example, “This is the letter A and it says “ahh” as in apple” (Utilize our favorite flashcards HERE that teaches both of these together along with a picture to solidify the letter and their sound in your child’s memory!)
  2. Teach uppercase before lowercase – Teach the uppercase “A” first and then once they get that down, then start teaching lowercase “a”, as well.
  3. Next teach the more complex sound of each letter – After your child can recognize both the uppercase “A” and lowercase “a” and that they both say “ah” as in apple start teaching them that it also says its name “aye” as in ape.
  4. Provide alphabet printables – This Letter C Tracing Worksheet Set is a great place to start when learning your letters. Another great option for preschool learning activities is Arrows and Applesauce’s Preschool Busy Binder!
  5. Read alphabet themed books – Read books about apples, astronauts, and avocados when learning about the letter A! Books about bears, bananas, and boats when learning about the letter B!
  6. Use memory devices – such as singing the alphabet song, flashcards (these are our all time favorite flashcards here) or memorizing a rhyme with each letter.
  7. Play games, do crafts, or make letter themed snacks utilizing all of the senses!
  8. Practice through play throughout your day! – Make it a habit to point out all of the letter A sounds throughout the day as you encounter them to enrich your child’s memory and learning experience!

Get Full Set of Alphabet Letter Tracing Worksheets Here!

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