Ukrainian Flag along with a blank flag with the words World Geography Free Printable Ukrainian Flag

Free Printable Ukrainian Flag with Coloring Page

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In this post you’ll find a free printable Ukrainian flag in color as well as a blank one for kids to color as they learn all about Ukraine! We are using this free Ukraine Flag as part of our study of world geography. You will find some simple facts about the Ukraine Flag as well as the history of Ukraine so that you too can learn all about this country!

The Ukrainian flag symbolizes the country’s pride and heritage, featuring two horizontal bands of blue and yellow. As an emblem of national identity, it serves as a powerful reminder of Ukraine’s sovereignty and the unity of its people. The availability of free printable versions of the Ukrainian flag online has made it more accessible for individuals around the world to show support for Ukraine, especially during times of hardship and conflict.

Individuals and organizations often seek printable flags for educational purposes, cultural events, or public demonstrations of solidarity. These printable flags are used in classrooms to help students learn about Ukraine’s geography and history, as well as at various cultural festivals where the diaspora celebrates their heritage.

Ukrainian Flag along with a blank flag with the words World Geography Free Printable Ukrainian Flag
World Geography Free Printable Ukrainian Flag

History of the Ukrainian Flag

The Ukrainian flag, with its simple yet powerful design, represents the nation’s sky above and the wheat fields below. Its colors and adoption carry a rich history tied to the land and its people.

Origination of Colors

The Ukrainian national flag features two horizontal bands of color: sky blue on the top and wheat yellow on the bottom. This color scheme has its origins in the early Ukrainian state of Kyivan Rus’. The blue represents peace, the sky, and streams, while the yellow symbolizes prosperity, the fields of wheat, and the fertile land.

Legislation and Adoption

The flag, as known today, was officially adopted by the short-lived Ukrainian People’s Republic in 1918. The legislation determined the precise shades of blue and yellow and established the flag as a national symbol. It was later reaffirmed by the laws of an independent Ukraine after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Historical Changes

Over the centuries, the flag underwent several changes reflecting Ukraine’s tumultuous history. Here is a brief overview:

  • 1918: Adopted by the Ukrainian People’s Republic.
  • World War II: Temporarily replaced during the Nazi occupation.
  • Post-World War II: Prohibited during Soviet rule, replaced by the Soviet flag.
  • 1991: Reinstated following Ukraine’s independence.

Symbolism and Meaning

The Ukrainian flag consists of two horizontal bands of color, which carry deep historical and cultural significance.

Color Significance

The flag of Ukraine features two horizontal bands: the top is sky blue and the bottom is wheat yellow. These colors represent key elements of the Ukrainian landscape:

  • Sky Blue: Symbolizes peace, the sky, and water resources.
  • Wheat Yellow: Reflects the fertile fields of wheat, a central component of Ukraine’s agricultural wealth.

Flag Usage and Protocols

  • Display: The Ukrainian flag should be displayed prominently and respectfully.
  • Conditions: It should be kept in good condition, without any damage or alterations.
  • When displayed alongside other flags, it must be on equal footing, neither at a higher nor a lower elevation.
  • Official Use: On government buildings, it is raised during national holidays and important anniversaries.

How to Print Ukraine Flag Image as a PDF File

Simply click on any of the following images of the national flag of Ukraine that you would like to print to get your free download. Once you have it open, follow your computer prompts to print your free Ukraine Flag. If you love this free digital download then you may be interested in all of our other free printables! These free printables are for personal or classroom use only, to see our full privacy policy along with our terms of use, click here

Teaching the History

When teaching the history of the Ukrainian flag, it’s essential to present factual and chronological information about how the flag came to be and how it has evolved over time. One could provide a timeline in a table format:

1848Introduction of the blue and yellow colors during the Spring of Nations.
1918Adoption of the flag by the short-lived Ukrainian People’s Republic.
1991Official reinstatement of the flag after Ukraine’s declaration of independence from the Soviet Union.

Cultural Significance

The cultural significance of the Ukrainian flag can be highlighted through its symbolism. The blue stripe represents the sky, while the yellow represents wheat fields, symbolizing Ukraine’s agricultural richness. Educators may provide a bulleted list of key points:

  • Blue stripe: The azure sky above Ukraine.
  • Yellow stripe: The abundant wheat fields and fertile land of the country.

Crafts and Projects

In the section on crafts and projects, students and educators can engage in hands-on activities such as creating their own paper version of the Ukrainian flag, or designing a collage that represents the importance of the flag in Ukrainian culture. Suggested activities can include:

  • Making a flag using construction paper and learning proper flag etiquette.
  • Drawing or painting the flag as part of an art project to explore color symbolism.

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