math equations with a blue background and words preschool and kindergarten math curriculum options

Preschool and Kindergarten Math Curriculum for Homeschoolers

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Are you homeschooling and looking for Preschool and Kindergarten Math Curriculums? In this post we will give you a list of Math options with brief descriptions what each program goes over! Since each program’s level varies for this age range I decided to combine Preschool Math Curriculum’s and Kindergarten Math Curriculum’s.

math equations with a blue background and words preschool and kindergarten math curriculum options
Preschool and Kindergarten Math Curriculum Options


Teaching math seems to be one of the hardest subject for homeschooling parents. I, myself have searched “best homeschool math curriculum” at the beginning of my homeschooling journey and found that there wasn’t one place where I could find all the information regarding the different types of curriculum in one place.

So here is my solution…research everything and provide that information to others who are searching the same thing. So I’m going to give you an advance warning….this is a going to be a longer post than usual. I know how much research goes into finding the right curriculum and I wanted to give you all the information in one place for easy reference.

My hope is that you will use this guide to choose the best math program for your families! You may also be interested in our numbers 1-20 chart and numbers 1-20 flash cards!

Guide to Choosing the Right Homeschool Math Curriculum 

  • Identify what you want in a homeschool math program
  • Narrow down your list to about 3-4 programs you want to try
  • Download a sample
  • Read reviews (make sure you find ones with both the pros and cons.)
  • Make a purchase without buyers remorse and use it to help your child grow!

Goals for Preschool and Kindergarten Math Curriculum

One of the things you want to look for in a preschool or kindergarten math curriculum is what concepts they cover. Some kindergarten math curriculums will go over shapes, colors and counting to 10, while some preschool math curriculums may do all those things and add in addition, subtraction and sequencing. Think about your own goals for your child and see what your state requires before choosing one you think will be a gapped fit!

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Preschool/Kindergarten Math Curriculum

I highly recommend reading these three books prior to purchasing any curriculum for the preschool years!

The Well Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home

Home Learning Year by Year

The Call of the Wild and Free: Reclaiming the Wonder in your Child’s Education.

During the early years of education, it is highly recommened that your child learn through play. Playing with blocks, coloring, reading picture books are all great examples of fun educational activities to do with your preschooler. Although there is no such thing as a perfect curriculum, use these simple steps to choosing what is best for you and your family.

ABC Jesus Loves Me – This 5 year curriculum is Academic, Bible, Developmental Learning Designed for Children Ages 1 thru 6 years old.

ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy (Online) – This online program has more that 850 lessons over 10 different levels in a step by step learning program where your child is motivated to move up to the next level through tickets and reward systems.

My Father’s World: All Aboard the Animal Train – All Aboard the Animal Train is a preschool year-long hands-on learning adventure with fun and easy-to-teach Bible-based lessons. Your child will learn about 12 animals through stories, finger plays, creative play, and colorful animal cookie cutters. Along the way, they will experience spiritual growth, cognitive development, reading and math readiness, and develop a love of learning.

Arrows and Applesauce Preschool Journal – This printable journal was made to be a gentle introduction to basic early learning principles. It was designed for ages 3-5. While this is not a full curriculum, you (the teacher) will need to be fully involved. Each page will cover skills that you can take into your day and reinforce through reading together and play.

Arrows and Applesauce Kindergarten Journal – This printable daily journal was made to be a gentle introduction to early learning principles for ages 5-7 and is great for homeschool Kindergarten math. While this is not a full curriculum, you (the teacher) will need to be fully involved. Each page will cover skills that you can take into your day and reinforce through reading together and play.

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Making learning fun!

Hand-drawn colorful interactive resources are our jam! If we can make learning more hands-on, we will. And we bet you’ll love it as much as we do!

Print. Play. Learn. That’s what it’s all about! 

Beginner’s Bible and Preschool Workbook – Help your young readers learn to love God’s word with The Beginner’s Bible.  This best-selling storybook contains vibrant 3-D artwork on over 90 Bible stories for ages 5 and under.  The Beginner’s Bible Preschool Workbook features early learning activities for ages 3-5.  This set includes the illustrated storybook and preschool workbook from Zondervan.

Christian Liberty Press Preschool Kit – Originally created for classroom use, this preschool program is adaptable for homeschoolers as well. This preschool program is a 34 week program that includes a full lesson plan.

Dimensions Math – This is a workbook based math program that start in Pre-k and goes through grade 5.

Early bird Kindergarten Mathematics – A precursor to Singapore Math’s very popular Primary Mathematics program, Earlybird Kindergarten Mathematics was first published for schools in Singapore, but still work well as a homeschool kindergarten math. It consists of parts A and B and can serve as either a one- or two-year program for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten. Parts A and B both have a student text, an activity book, and a teacher’s guide.

Gather Round Letters and Numbers – This Letters and Numbers program is designed for preschoolers or students that need extra help with mastering their numbers, concepts, or letters and sounds. Building a foundation of reading with a mastery, phonics, approach. This is a complete program.

Gather Round Ready to Read – Ready to Read is a full kindergarten-grade 1 program that includes all of your subjects blended with a full phonics program that is strategically skill based rather than age. With the unique design of this program, you can place your child exactly where they need the help in their journey to reading fluency, regardless of their age!

Hands-on Energetic Easy Preschool Curriculum (HEEP) – This is a literature-based curriculum for preschoolers. This 52-week program is presented in one large e-book with over 300 pages.

Kinder-Math – This curriculum includes a workbook and teacher’s manual, flashcards, simple games, and clock board.

Learn and Grow Hands-On Lessons for Active Preschoolers – This is a multi-sensory preschool program designed to be used with children as young as two years old, although the most likely audience is ages three to four.

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Mac’s Abacus Basic – This is a set that includes a specially designed abacus and Mac’s Abacus Basic workbook. While the author describes it as a “complete early math development curriculum,” he means this as a complete continuity of concepts rather than a comprehensive curriculum for any one grade level.

Masterbooks Math Lessons for a Living Education Level K – This book is written with easy-to-manage lessons that include lessons to read and exercises to complete. This Kindergarten resource features a story of a twin brother and sister who interact with their family, friends, and town; as students read, they’ll be drawn into an adventure that teaches them about numbers from 1-10, shapes, and more. Covering one year of kindergarten math, by the end of the course students will have learned about counting to 10, opposites and symmetry, basic sequencing, patterns, position words, shapes, differences, and more.

Math is Fun (Online) – This is a completely free website with math concepts that children can easily learn.

Mathematical Reasoning – A combination of challenging content, very attractive layout, variety, significant incorporation of thinking skills, and has a relatively low cost.

Mile Hi Math K – This curriculum has two student books and one teacher’s guide recommended for Level K use.

Miquon Math – This is an inexpensive program based on the use of Cuisenaire Rods, is advertised for first through third grades. However, because of unique methods of teaching arithmetic concepts, younger children can begin to learn arithmetic through the hands-on activities, and older children can also benefit from Miquon used as a supplement.

Preschool Math At Home – Give your preschooler a great foundation with numbers, in just 5 minutes per day. Fun, quick, and playful activities. Full year of preschool math curriculum. No separate materials needed

RedBird Mathematics (Online) – This online curriculum is the result of more than 25 years of research at Stanford University, is one of the most thorough online math programs for the elementary grades. Available for kindergarten through seventh grade, the program is geared for gifted students. Average students can excel in this program as well, but will probably need to work at a lower grade level.

Rod and Staff: Hearts and Hand – Beginner’s Drill in Letters, Numbers, Phonics, and Math suggested for use in 3-5 year olds.

ShillerLearning Math – it’s a manipulatives-based program, but it uses manipulatives with a Montessori approach. It has lesson books, but these are used as teaching texts more than as workbooks.

Simply Good and Beautiful Math – The Good and The Beautiful Math program recently received a full overhaul including a nice surprise – Math K–6 are available as completely FREE downloads! This new math curriculum has fun, engaging short lessons boasting of 10-15 minute lessons for kindergartners. This curriculum is one of the most popular homeschool kindergarten math programs that intertwines many learning styles so that it is useful for many children.

The Gentle + Classical Preschool – The Gentle + Classical Preschool 2nd edition was designed with your child’s development and natural rhythms in mind. It was created for parents who want to provide structure, focus on character development and faith, and add intention into their child’s preschool years. 

Voyage of Discovery: A Pre-K Adventure – This curriculum is by My Father’s World as is appropriate for four-year-old’s and maybe even some advanced three-year-old’s. They boast of having age-appropriate educational resources and created a set of Preschool Activity Cards to guide parents through hands-on, interactive learning with children ages three to five.

In conclusion, there are many preschool and kindergarten math curriculums out there. There are many more made by homeschooling mamas because they couldn’t quite find what they were looking for. I find that using an open and go, laid out for me curriculum helps me in so many different ways. These are all good options for your young learner!

Happy Learning!


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