6 winter hat crafts colored and cut out laying on a wooden background with words Easy, Fun, and FREE Printable Winter Hat Craft

Easy, Fun and FREE Winter Hat Printable Craft

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Are you looking for a fun, easy and best of all FREE Winter Hat Printable Craft to do with your toddlers? I used these 5 free winter hat templates with my children (toddler to 3rd grader). We had a fun afternoon of coloring and cutting! Learn more below about how we used them and other ways you could use them!

6 winter hat crafts colored and cut out laying on a wooden background with words Easy, Fun, and FREE Printable Winter Hat Craft
FREE Printable Winter Hat Craft

Are you ready to learn all about the winter season with your little ones? Well I’ve created this set of 5 completely free winter hat printables (no email address required!) so that you too can enjoy a relaxing, fun afternoon just like I did coloring with my children! Each of the 5 winter hat styles are available below. Simply click on any of the pictures of the winter hat printable that you would like to immediately start your download!

As I sit typing this out, it’s currently 12 degrees outside. I have been looking for more fun and free activities and crafts to do with my little ones since we can’t spend as much time outside. This winter hat printable was a great activity for us!

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Making learning fun!

Hand-drawn colorful interactive resources are our jam! If we can make learning more hands-on, we will. And we bet you’ll love it as much as we do!

Print. Play. Learn. That’s what it’s all about! 

Winter Hat Printable Styles

There are 5 different styles of winter hat printables that you can download! The first is the Blank Winter Hat Outline. This would be a great way to allow young children to color on with a white crayon and then you can color it with any color marker to create a fun and unique design! You can also use cotton balls to add dimension to the craft!

The second is the Curved Winter Hat Template and third the Lined Winter Hat Template. I wanted to give a slight variety to allow for your child’s creativity and spontaneity a chance to grow! These basic designs allow for your child to be as creative (or not) as they like! These are also great for children learning fine motor skills to use by adding buttons or other small objects onto each line of the winter hat!

Then for hats 4 and 5 I created ones with a little bit more detail for my older children to still enjoy coloring with us and also be creative with it. We have the (4) Tree and Snowflakes Winter Hat Template and the (5) Snowflakes and Pompom Winter Hat Template. I love the variety of colors my kids used in these as well! You can see them above in the main picture!

How To Make Winter Hat Crafts

First, pick any of the styles above by clicking on the one you would like to print. Then follow your computer prompts to print. This Winter Hat Craft works great with regular printing paper, but if you plan on gluing anything to it I recommend using cardstock to have a better surface to work with.

Next take out your favorite markers, crayons, colored pencils, oil pastels or watercolors and get creative! Once, you’ve decorated your winter hat, then cut it out! You can add decorative items such as cotton balls, Pom poms, buttons or glitter!

The result is a fun winter hat art activity you can display on the fridge or anywhere else you would like. You can also make multiple winter hats and string them together to create a winter wonderland garland for the winter season.

6 winter hat crafts colored and cut out laying on a wooden background with words Easy, Fun, and FREE Printable Winter Hat Craft
FREE Winter Hat Printable Craft Template

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